Cataract Center

CataractDo you suffer from cloudy vision due to cataracts, or is poor vision making it hard for you to accomplish simple daily activities?  Are you looking for the right cataract surgeon in Tennessee?  At the Regional Eye Center, we offer cataract surgery, a safe and effective micro surgery to help you start seeing clearer by bringing the youthful life back into your eyes.  New advancements in technology has given patients the opportunity to have even better visual results after cataract surgery through premium lenses.  There are many different procedures, and if you or a loved one is suffering from cataracts, The Regional Eye Center will help you choose the best procedure for your specific situation.   To learn more about cataracts and your options, please click on the links below.


Holston Valley

135 West Ravine Road
Suite 2C
Holston Valley Physicians Building
Kingsport, TN

Monday - Friday

Surgery Center

999 Executive Park Blvd
Suite 100
Kingsport, TN

Monday - Thursday


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